Rhinestones are cut glass or shaped metal made to imitate jewels. They create an extremely feminine look that shows of considerable sparkle and shine. Rhinestone designs actually include both rhinestones and rhinestuds. Rhinestones are made to look like small gemstones. They sparkle and reflect light considerably. Rhinestuds are usually shaped or bent metal that has the same effect but will not sparkle as brightly. Using different colors and different sized stones, intricate designs can be created to really catch the eye. The stones are placed into a pattern and heat-glued onto fabric for a beautiful apparel decorating option.


Rhinestone pricing is based upon too many variables to give an easy pricing matrix. Therefore, rhinestone designs must be individually quoted for each order. The critical factors that determine price are: the number of stones in each design, the type of stones used (rhinestones or rhinestuds), the number of colors used, the total quantity of garments decorated, and certain colored stones (reds and pinks) have a price premium. There is also an initial setup fee for first-time designs.